Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Favourite Christian Tunes Through The Years

I have been told that I have a funny music taste...!

Here are just a few samples of my my favourite Christian Artists, songs and genres over the years.

Click on the clips to laugh at enjoy my wierd taste! 

The Outlaw, by Larry Norman 

Showing my age here! Larry was the Grandfather of Christian Rock, the original Jesus Freak, and was one of the first Christian artists I saw live back in the late 70's. He came to NZ numerous times, and I once bumped into him in a music shop in ChCh in the 80's! Larry sadly died of heart disease in 2008.

Gods of Men, by Randy Stonehill

Randy is hilarious in concert! I met him once prior to one them, and he is just as crazy in person...another artist I have seen lots of his concerts. I have about 8 of his albums.

Lay your Burden Down, by Chuck Girard

Chuck was the voice of 'Love Song' in the 70's and 80's. Even though I now find the lyrics of this song a bit 'squishy', this was one of evangelicals (and my) favourite songs at the time.

Easter Song, by 2nd Chapter Of Acts

This song became a Christian anthem, and is one I will never tire from listening to!

Taking The Narrow Street, by Silverwind

Wow, did I really like this? Drives me nuts now, but my sister had the record, and I used to thrash this song. Catchy at the time, but cheesy now! Silverwind was like the Christian version of ABBA. They toured the world in the 80's, and our Youth Group went along to see them. How embarrassing!

Amy Grant - Thy Word

Another 80's Christian anthem.

Something Beautiful, by Steve Apirana

Good Kiwi music...Steve sung this song at my sister's funeral in 1983. A blues rendition of an awesome Christian classic, sung by an awesome Christian!

I'll Be A Friend To You, by Kenny Marks

I have a few albums by Kenny, and listen to them when I get nostalgic. Good ole' 80's and 90's rock!

Sometimes by Step, by Rich Mullins

Rich wrote some fantastic songs. Unfortunately he was tragically killed in a car accident in the 90's.

Nobody But You, by Larry Howard

I'm a huge blues fan, so no surprises why I enjoy Larry! Had a cassette of him that I played over and over until the tape broke - now I have to rely on YouTube to bring back the memories. Blues is one form of music that never seems to date, and Larry is one of the best.

Charm is Deceitful - Kim Hill

A beautiful sultry voice, combined with beautiful lyrics, made Kim my favourite Christian female artist.

People Get Ready - Darrel Mansfield

Combining my two favourite passions - blues music and harminica playing! Squishy message, though!

 In The Name of Jesus, by Rev. Dan Smith

Cool Southern Folky/Blues music! Sadly Dan passed away not long after recording the album this was on.

Listen to Me, by Bill Miller

Folk music with a Christian message and a Native North American flavour.

Amazing God, by Phatfish

My music collection was getting a bit dated (pre-millennial), until I stumbled across UK band Phatfish's album 'Purple through the Fishtank' in a Christian music store. Now they are my favourite contemporary band, with powerful worship lyrics.

Jesus Thank You, by Sovereign Grace Music

My favourite worship song from my favourite worship album 'Worship God Live'. We are now singing some of their songs in church.

Everlasting God, by Chris Tomlin

Chris has become one of my favourite worship leaders. A lot of the songs he sings are finding their way into most churches' song roster!

Always, by Kristian Stanfill

A good grunty worship song!

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane, might add some more if I remember them!


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