Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Favourite Christian Tunes Through The Years

I have been told that I have a funny music taste...!

Here are just a few samples of my my favourite Christian Artists, songs and genres over the years.

Click on the clips to laugh at enjoy my wierd taste! 

The Outlaw, by Larry Norman 

Showing my age here! Larry was the Grandfather of Christian Rock, the original Jesus Freak, and was one of the first Christian artists I saw live back in the late 70's. He came to NZ numerous times, and I once bumped into him in a music shop in ChCh in the 80's! Larry sadly died of heart disease in 2008.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Simple Prayer of Repentance

Hi All

I thought I would share a simple Power Point Show of a poem I wrote simply called " I Repent".

I would never say there is a magic formula - a special prayer you need to pray, or certain words that you need to recite to be saved. That is not how the Holy Spirit works. No two experiences are the same.

This is just something from my heart.