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Hi there - you've stumbled into my new blog - sorry about that!

I thought I would share about how I came up with the blog title.
Firstly, it's got nothing to do with a murder scene body count! It's just a play on words.

Pick from one of the following reasons, and you won't be too off the mark:
  • the total number of people who will ever link to this blog
  • the total number of people who will ever post a comment on this blog
  • the total number of people who will actually like anything posted on this blog
  • the total number of people who will even visit this blog (including myself).
Actually, I'm not really interested in the numbers - it's just a place where I can dump all of my collections of thoughts, blabberings and interesting tid-bits I've gathered over time, without losing them. Thank you Google for organising my life for me!

I am a born-again Christian - so rest assured you won't see or hear any provocative pictures or videos, as well as blasphemy or offensive language. If I am linking to anything dubious, I will warn you beforehand.

You are more than welcome to post comments anywhere on the site, but please note that these will be moderated. , so please keep to topic.
And PLEASE refrain from using blasphemy or inappropriate language , as these will definitely not make it to print. 
You will be asked to enter a print word from the screen - don't worry, that's just a safeguard to stop spammers from leaving rubbish ads.

I am just getting used to this blog thingy, so don't be surprised if next time you visit and the appearance has changed - I will probably tweak things here and there.

If you want to know a bit more about me, click on my profile.


Craig Godfrey

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